About Mareg Water Wizz

Mareg Water Wizz is an all Australian owned and operated company, we manufacture of high quality water saving products, that regulate the amount of water that flows from your taps and showers without effecting your water pressure. Water Wizz products are designed to fit existing showers and taps to save water in and around your home or commercial premises. Water Wizz’s are designed and comply with the Water Services Association of Australia Conservation Rating and labelling Scheme.

Water Wizz

Whenever a tap is turned on; every time we shower, brush our teeth, shave or wash our hands approximately 25 litres per minute disappears down the drain. It may not sound like much but over a year, multiplied by every household and business this adds up to mega litres!

The average household uses approximately 635 litres of water a day, in a year this works out to be 231,775 litres! There is a way to dramatically reduce this waste and that is to fit Water Wizz water savers.

Made to Australian standards

Water Wizz products are Australian made using European design specifications. Every Water Wizz device conforms to Australian Standards Flow Ratings.

The Water Wizz range of products come attractively packaged with comprehensive installation instructions printed on the packs.

All Water Wizz products comply to the National Water Rating Scheme Certification and carry an A rating compliant to the AS600 standard.

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