Ok, so I want to save water, where do I start?

May 16, 2010

There are lots of ways to save water, from simply not turning on the tap, the best place to start is your shower, which uses the most water in most households.

There is a blinding array of how to save water advocates, from the helpful to the useless. By and large most sites offer the same is similar advice, install a rainwater tank or by a water saving showerhead and take an ever shorter shower. This is pretty much where the advice ends, and look these are great ideas and I fully endorse them.

But… yes there is a but, you don’t have to replace your showerhead, and in a lot of cases it is just a waste of resources to do so. Instead of throwing out your existing showerhead buy an inline flow controller or a flow control disk that range between $3-9 (AUD) and you can achieve the same or better result and you get to keep your showerhead as well as not produce more landfill.

Is it that simple? Yes, it is, installing an inline or a flow control disk will take you less than 5 minutes and that’s assuming you have no technical knowledge – people who have used a spanner – well, they will beat you at this.

So how much will that save me? Depends on the flow rating of the inline or flow control disk here is a quick and dirty run down:

Your taps run at between 25 and 17 Liters per minute, yes that’s how much water gushes out if left open at full throttle! Lets use 22 liters a minute as a safe mid ground. At this rate your target usage for the day is used up in 1 shower alone in just over seven minutes.

With a 12-liter per minute water saver (inline or disk) in 7 minutes you use 84 liters, and save 70!

With a 9-liter per minute water saver you use 63 and save 91 Liters!

With a 6-liters per minute water saver you use 42 and save 112 Liters!

And you saved your showerhead from ending up in landfill.

So where do you get one of these inlines or disks?

Ask at Mitre 10 stores


Welcome to Mareg water wizz products

September 28, 2009

We have  a dire problem with the water shortage in Australia and indeed the world, we have some important products that can save a great deal of our precious resource and in the process save you a great deal of money. Typically for a spend of around $50 AUD on our products you should be able to cut your water usage by 50%.

They are available to view here: http://www.waterwizzproducts.com.au

And to purchase at: Enter-Stores

We are also soon to be available from Mitre10 nationwide, from November 2009